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SWR Sound

Looking for technical information?
If you have a technical question about SWR Amplification, try the SWR Sound Support section of the US website. You'll find owner's manuals, setup tips, a glossary and FAQs.

If that doesn't answer your question, then email support@swrsound.com.au.

How do I find out the current Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of SWR Sound's products in Australia?

For all current pricing information please contact your local authorised SWR Sound dealer.

Fender Music Australia currently distributes Recommended Retail Price (RRP) information to all of its authorised SWR Sound dealers.

These prices are recommended prices only and there is no obligation for our authorised SWR Sound dealers to comply with these recommendations.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

How do I find out the value of my amp?

Identification of amplifiers over the phone and via the Internet is difficult.

Fender Music Australia recommends that you take your equipment into an authorised SWR Sound dealer for a visual identification and valuation.

If you require a written valuation for insurance purposes, you should expect to pay a fee.

Where can I buy SWR Sound's products in Australia?

SWR Sound equipment, parts and accessories are available exclusively through a network of authorised SWR Sound dealers. As a wholesaler, Fender Music Australia does not sell directly to consumers.

To find an authorised SWR Sound dealer near you, follow the link in the menu to the left, or the Find a SWR Sound Dealer link on the bottom of every pages within this site.

Where can I get my amp serviced?

SWR Sound product service is available through our national network of Authorised Fender Service Centres.

Why should I buy local?

Fender Music Australia offers limited product warranties of varying length for goods purchased from Australian authorised SWR Sound dealers. The conditions of the limited warranty are set out on the warranty cards provided with the product at the time of sale.

Your local Australian authorised SWR Sound dealer is the best person to help you with your needs.

Your advantages in dealing with a local authorised SWR Sound dealer are many, and include:

  • Cover by Fender Music Australia's Australia-wide limited warranty.
  • Convenience of local service.
  • Excellent advice from a professional.

A note of caution:

Many overseas internet sites that you may be looking at may not quote you the price inclusive of their local taxes, freight to Australia, Australian duty (which is applicable to amplifiers) customs clearance charges, port charges and surcharges and other government charges which may also include a quarantine inspection charge, and GST. The price quoted also may not be in Australia dollars. The price does not include warranty outside the country of sale.

Returning damaged, or incorrectly shipped items, or an unsatisfactory product to countries outside Australia may be problematic and expensive to resolve.

Purchasing goods from overseas means that you are outside the jurisdiction of Australian Consumer protection laws and assistance.

Product purchased from overseas may not comply with our Australian standards, nor is it covered by Fender Music Australia's Australia-wide limited warranty.

In some cases product purchased from overseas may not work in Australia and may pose an electrical risk.

For further consumer information on Internet purchasing and trading please consult the Australian Consumer Affairs Internet site on this subject and use the ACCC online shopping checklist before committing to any on-line purchase.

ACCC Internet trading consumer information

Always check with you local authorised SWR Sound dealer for current pricing information prior to making a purchase over the Internet.

Remember: if in doubt buy locally from an Australian authorised SWR Sound dealer.

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