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SWR Lite Series

SWR Golight Series

SWR Professional Series

SWR Custom Pro Specialist Series

SWR X Series

SWR Classic Series

SWR WorkingPro™ Series

SWR Acoustic Series


 SWR Lite Series

400watt, 1.7 kg full featured professional bass amp & poweramp.



SWR Headlite amplifier
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SWR Golight Series

Golight 410 4ohm

Golight 410 8ohm

Marcus Miller Golight 410

Golight Jr 2x10

Golight Jr 1x15

SWR Marcus Miller Golight 4 x 10 speaker enclosure
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SWR Professional Series

The pinnacle of modern hi-fidelity bass tones, SWR Professional Series Amps and Cabinets are the definitive top-shelf product, built tough with a sleek design.

Features like the Aural Enhancer, Sub-Wave, Semi-Parametric or Active EQ, Tube Pre-amp, and the famous SWR crystal clear tone have made SWR the first choice for Professional Bassplayers everywhere.


Marcus Miller Preamp

Power Amplifiers

Power 750

Combo Amplifiers

Black Beauty: 1 x 15

Redhead: 2 x 10 combo

Spellbinder Blue

Speaker Enclosures

Goliath 4x10 4ohm (pictured)

Goliath 4x10 8 ohm

Goliath Jr 2 x 10 4ohm

Goliath Jr 2 x 10 8ohm

Goliath Sr 6 x 10

Megoliath 8 x 10

Son of Bertha 1 x 15

Photo of SWR Goliath 4 x 10 speaker enclosure
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SWR Custom Pro Specialist Series

For those requiring a cabinet with a bit extra from the norm, the Custom Pro Specialist Series offers just about configuration you desire with the same rugged construction and clear tone that SWR is famous for.

Big Ben: 1 x 18

Triad: 3-way tweeter, 10", 15"

Henry the 8x8: 8 x 8 (pictured)

SWR Henry the 8x8 amplifier
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SWR X Series

SWR X Series amplifiers combine muscle and finesse to give bass players exactly what they want, when they want it: state of the art power, tone and control, all available in three stylish and affordable models.

750 X (pictured)

SWR 750x amplifier
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SWR Classic Series

Available in two Classic models, the SWR Classic Series features include a Tube Pre-amp, the Aural Enhancer, Semi-Parametric EQ, variable limiter and combined with the famous SWR crystal clear tone have made SWR the first choice for Professional Bassplayers everywhere for more than twenty years.

SM 1500

SM 900 (pictured)

SWR SM 900 amplifier
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SWR WorkingPro™ Series

The WorkingPro Series of amplifiers and cabinets was designed and built for bassists looking for maximum power and professional SWR sound at an affordable price.

Head Amplifiers

WorkingPro™ 700

WorkingPro™ 400

Combo Amplifiers

WorkingPro™ 2X10C

WorkingPro™ 15

WorkingPro™ 12

WorkingPro™ 10

Speaker Enclosures

WorkingPro™ 4X10 4 ohm

WorkingPro™ 4X10 8 ohm (pictured)

WorkingPro™ 2X10

WorkingPro™ 1X15

SWR WorkingPro 4X10 amplifier
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SWR Acoustic Series

SWR amps aren’t just for bassplayers! Recognising the need for solid, crystal-clear acoustic tone, SWR created the Blonde line of amps suitable for many forms of acoustic instrument amplification. Loaded with custom SWR speakers and featuring the famous Aural Enhancer, these amps provide true, dependable acoustic tone and plenty of power.

California Blonde II (pictured)

Strawberry Blonde II

Natural Blonde

Baja Blonde

SWR California Blonde II amplifier
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